About us

Our Mission

To enhance and support women and Faith groups in leadership development roles in order to affect their lives and community positively. This organisation is formed to raise great women of faith that will contribute their talent and time to build and support reputable future leaders.

What we do

WFF is very passionate about supporting women suffering in silence. We are a group of women that instil Godliness in other women. We mentor young people to become leaders and reputable Champions of tomorrow:

  • Our projects include raising and engaging young female with Professional Mentors who contribute their time and skills towards women development.
  • We organise annual conference that bring various women together to address issues of spiritual, social, career, health and political development.
  • Arrange diplomatic visits where issues of concern can be addressed with relevant authorities.
  • Organise empowerment training / events that encourage community engagement, family support and leadership development with faith groups.
  • We also raise funds to support faith groups in project management.


Enhancing and supporting women
in our communities.

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