Money After The Pandemic

The Pandemic have caused so many distractions in our world today. With many going through different financial challenges, anxiety, and loss of hope for concerning their jobs, businesses, and financial future. Below are some of the things worth bearing in mind  1.    Mind-set – Attaining financial success is a decision of your mind-set. Having a healthy […]

Food Is Medicine

Women of faith is truly more than a Foundation, filled with incredible women, who champion and empower anyone through their worth. Women of Faith Foundation has given me a voice and a platform to build my business and my love for food and health. For this I say thank you! Food as medicine has been […]

Sepams Clothings

Women of Faith Foundation, to me is a family; I’m most grateful to GOD for allowing me to be part of this wonderful group. I joined WFF in 2015 and have never looked back. In 2016 wonderful women of Faith helped me launched SEPAMS CLOTHINGS and years later SEPAMS not only sews and trained other […]

Retired But Not Tired

I am 67 years old; a retired Nurse and a devoted child of God. I was privileged to attend one of the Women of Faith Foundation workshops in London, the workshop was very inspiring and powerful; I knew immediately I was destined to be there; I took note of every important information discussed and I […]

Going Back To School

At the age of 62 I decided to go back to studying. I did Basic Computing; after I completed the course, I moved on to study Computing Application. Few months after that, I wished to start working in health sector, so I enrolled again for Health & Social care and I completed Level 3 with […]

Bold Step

Women are wonderfully made and powerfully equipped, but sometimes, limitations and excuses restrain many from achieving destiny in life. Excuses are one of the disguise devises of Satan to keep human below ability, achievement and destiny. Many have missed opportunities to move forward by giving excuses and procrastination. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3 vs […]